Nurse Ineligible for Marathon Record Because Her Uniform Was Not a Dress

• Jessica Anderson was ineligible for the Guinness World Record for the fastest marathon run in a nurse’s uniform at the London Marathon because her scrubs did not meet current record requirements for what the uniform should look like, she was told. • Her London Marathon time of 3:08:22 was faster than the current record time of 3:08:54, which was set in 2015. • The Guinness World record requires that participants wear must include a blue or white dress, a pinafore apron, and a traditional nurs

Your Car Commute Ups Your Odds of Dying Young. Here’s Where Your Bike Comes In

• Research presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Glasgow, Scotland, linked obesity and sedentary car-commuting to early death and increased risk of death from heart disease. • Obese individuals who commute by car had a 32 percent higher risk of early death than healthy-weight individuals who commute by cycling or walking. • Normal-weight car commuters had a 21 percent higher risk for early death compared to their active commuting counterparts.

Viral Video Turns Floor Into Treadmill With Dish Soap. This At-Home Workout Is Way Better

• A video posted over the weekend on Twitter has gone viral, racking up over 21.3 million views. It shows a woman pouring dish soap on her floor and using the slippery surface as a makeshift treadmill. • Not surprisingly, that is not the best way to get an at-home workout in. The do-anywhere moves below can help you get your heart rate up in a less dangerous and more effective way. Plenty of people don’t want to pay for a gym membership, or don’t have time to make it every day, which means imp

Can Skipping Breakfast Hurt Your Heart?

• A new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that people who did not eat breakfast were 87 percent more likely to die from cardiovascular disease and stroke than those who ate breakfast every day. • If you have a morning ride planned, either eat your breakfast about two hours beforehand to prevent GI issues, or eat something smaller to hold you over until you are done. In the ongoing debate about whether breakfast is best, new data is pointing towards some

Seaweed Pods to Replace Single-Use Cups at London Marathon

• The London Marathon aims to be waste-free by 2020. This year, the race will work toward that goal by giving runners biodegradable seaweed pods instead of single-use cups at one aid station. • Other aid stations on the course will give runners compostable cups. • This will be the largest trial of the Ooho! plastic-bottle alternative, according to race officials. After the athletes cross the finish and excitement of any marathon has died down, what’s left is an aftermath of waste. Bottles and

Slathering on Sunscreen May Do More Than Just Ward Off Skin Cancer

• Sunscreen may have protective benefits that go beyond guarding against skin cancer, new research suggests. • A preliminary study presented at the American Physiological Society annual meeting found that wearing sunscreen can help protect the skin’s blood vessel function—important for body temperature regulation—from harmful ultraviolet radiation exposure. Out for a long ride in the sun? Don’t forget to apply—and reapply—your sunscreen. There may be more protective benefits of sunscreen when

34-Year-Old Who Went Into Cardiac Arrest at Finish Line Saved by Cardiologist Runner

As Joseph Henson entered the final straightaway of the Mercedes Half Marathon in Birmingham, Alabama, back in February, he knew he probably should’ve stopped, but the crowd kept pushing him on. For the last four miles of the race, he started feeling his heart flutter—like palpitations—but didn’t think anything of it at first. But it kept getting worse, and by the time he hit the end, he started feeling very strange. After he crossed the finish (in 2:18:21), he told his brother he felt like he

Visually Impaired Man Loses 320 Pounds, Achieves Lifelong Dream of Running Boston

Michael Besson has witnessed the Boston Marathon from his couch for decades. Ever since he moved to Boston from his home country of Haiti in 1985, the race was something he dreamed of completing one day. But there were a few road blocks. In addition to being visually impaired since birth by congenital cataracts and microphthalmia—a condition that causes abnormally small eyeballs—Besson was also over 500 pounds, the result of a lack of exercise and years of consuming greasy and salty foods.

Michael Phelps Calls His Thanksgiving Turkey Trot the ‘Worst Idea in the World’

• Michael Phelps might be the most decorated Olympian of all time, but he decided to stay in his own lane when it comes to racing. • Last year, he ran a Turkey Trot, and recently told NBC Sports that running the 5K was the “worst idea in the world.” Swimmer Michael Phelps may have 23 Olympic gold medals to his name, but it looks like he has decided not to expand his racing repertoire. Phelps recently revealed in an interview with NBC Sports that last year he attempted a 5K on Thanksgiving—and

Heartbreaking: 9-Year-Old Begs Thief Not to Steal His Bike

• A 9-year-old Texas boy caught a thief stealing his bike from his own front yard and pleaded with the man not to take it. • Jonathan DeLaCerda had stopped home during a ride on his BMX bike. When he went back outside, he saw the thief leaving. • The incident was caught on the family’s video doorbell. It’s hard the first time you realize a thief has stolen your bike. It’s even harder to see it happen to a young child witnessing the theft in real time. Earlier this month, 9-year-old Jonathan D

Runner Taking on Boston After Donating Part of Her Liver to Her Gym Buddy

Nine years ago, Kim Schadt and Deb Calabro met at a gym in south New Jersey. The two became fast friends and bonded over their love of exercise, though at the time, Schadt, now 41, was a runner and Calabro, now 49, more of a walker. Then, in 2012, Calabro was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called primary sclerosing cholangitis, which causes inflammation in the liver that can lead to liver failure. Doctors told her she would need a liver transplant, and suggested that she start looking at

How Your Strava-Recorded Hill Climbs Can Help Firefighters Battle Wildfires

• A new study published in Applied Geography analyzed Strava data from 30,000 runners to track the time it takes to travel up and down inclines. • The data will be used to help firefighters fight fires safely and more accurately. Your Strava data isn’t just used to track your routes and see how your segments stack up against other runners. Now, it may help firefighters fight wildfires, too.

6 Scientifically-Proven Foods That Will Boost Your Brain Health

Mushrooms might not be the first brain food to come to mind, but the fungi have been found to reduce mild cognitive impairment (MCI), which is the stage between the cognitive decline that happens with regular aging and actual dementia. Recent research published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease found that eating two or more 150-gram servings of mushrooms per week over six years resulted in a 57 percent reduced MCI risk among participants over age 60.

How to Make Your Non-Running Steps Worth Your Time

• Even if you run regularly, you can still reap some extra exercise minutes by simply walking throughout your day—but the speed at which you do so matters, a new study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests. • Walking at 100 or more steps a minute counts as moderate-intensity physical activity, while 130 or more a minute crosses into vigorous physical activity. You might be counting your steps, but are those steps really counting as exercise? How you walk might mean more

How Choosing a Tasty Piece of Cake for Dessert Can Help You Lose Weight

• Choosing an indulgent dessert first might actually help you make healthier food choices overall, a recent study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology suggests. • When people picked a piece of cheesecake first, they were more likely to choose a healthier main course and dish than if they chose some fruit first—which could actually lead to fewer calories consumed overall. Can’t stop thinking about dessert? That might not be a bad thing. Choosing the sweet stuff before you pick ou

Oklahoma Woman Finishes Marathon One Year After Getting Shot in the Head Twice

In February, Bonnie VanDeraa approached the finish line of the Sweetheart 5K in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With a determined look in her eye, and loads of cheers from the crowd, she focused on putting one foot in front of the other. This race was a major milestone for her; it was the first she’d complete without the aid of a walker in more than a year. At that point, VanDeraa had been running for a little more than five years, starting after she signed up for that same race back in 2014 with a coworker.
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